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The Arab Development Portal offers open and user-friendly access to third party data. The ADP database can be accessed using advanced tools for data browsing, extraction, and visualization. It is also home to the first SDGS tracking tool in the Arab region. Leveraging on big data technology, the Arab Development Portal was created to enhance the browsing experience of users enabling them to access, visualize, extract, share and analyze data-driven content based on reliable sources. Additionally, the ADP offers quick access to thematic and country overviews and statistical snapshots that are based on latest available data. The Arab Development Portal, in its current scope and mandate, is not a producer of data. The ADP database and other content published on the Arab Development Portal and its social media platforms rely on publicly available data collected from a wide variety of websites of national sources (namely national statistical offices, aligned ministries, central banks), UN agencies and other international organizations. Our datasets, overviews, snapshots and infographics contain references to national and international data sources, however neither the Arab Development Portal nor its partners are responsible for the quality of data published by these sources. While access to data is sometimes facilitated by the original sources, data presented on the Arab Development Portal shave not been approved nor disapproved by any of these sources. The collected data is subject to meticulous process of fact-checking to ensure the absence of discrepancies with the original sources at the time of extraction by the Arab Development Portal. All data and information presented in datasets, overviews, snapshots are subject to change without notice. The Arab Development Portal and its partners are not responsible for any methodological and/or statistical errors made by the original source or omissions, nor for the content generated and/or opinion expressed from their use. The content on the is protected by copyright, including but not limited to all the featured datasets in their current consolidated form, overviews, snapshots and blogs. Please check our guidelines for more information on how to reference content based on the Arab Development Portal.

Arab Development Portal. 2023. ADP database. [ONLINE] Available at:

This video is a tutorial on how to use the topic page to visualize data of an indicator